MI 985: Analysis for Media

Spring 2017
Professor Rick Wash
Monday, 5:00-7:50
251 CAS

This class is a doctoral level methods class where we learn a number of statistical techniques for analyzing quantitative data that arises in doing research on media and information. The majority of this class will focus on interpretation of statistical results: given data with certain properties, how do you interpret the results of statistical calculations to understand what you can learn from various types of analysis. We will also focus on using statistics to answer how much questions rather than just simply yes/no questions. We will cover a variety of analyses that come up in research in our field, including linear regression, logistic regression, poisson regression, multi-level models and random effects, causal interpretation, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. Depending on time, we may also cover model comparison, sample size and power calculations, and ANOVA.

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