TC 985 Analysis for Media

TODO: Include this into syllabus. Communication Research Reports requires effect sizes in addition to p-values.
And this – recommendation to change p-value threshold to 0.005

This schedule is tentative and may change at any time; please check back here often for updates. In particular, I expect the readings to change regularly; check back each week for new readings.

Week Topic Lecture Notes Readings Assignment
Jan 9 Intro to class
Current issues in statistics
  538 on Science; GFP; Accidents; Average; Replication; False; Public  Perception; FMRI Lit Review Assigned
Jan 16 Cancelled: Martin Luther King day      
Jan 23 P-Values and Hypothesis Tests
Intro to R, Rmarkdown, and Reproducible Statistics
Intro to R Kline 3; Cohen ‘94; 538 on Science; G1; G2; Power; BASP;
R4DS 1-8,27
Jan 30 Basic Statistics
Making arguments with statistics
Simple Stats, practice Kline 2; Gelman 2; Six Rules; Exploratory Studies
R4DS 9-16
Lit Review Due
Basic Stats Assigned
Feb 6 OLS: How it works
OLS: Interpretation: Continuous Predictors
statistics Gelman 3
R4DS 22-24
Feb 13 OLS: Interpretation: Categorical Predictors
OLS: Interpretation: Continuous Interactions
OLS notes Gelman 3
R4DS 22-24
Feb 20 OLS: Interpretation: Categorical Predictors
OLS: Transformations and Many Predictors
OLS 2 Gelman 4
R4DS 25
Basic Stats Due
OLS Analysis Assigned
Feb 27 Writing up regression results Writing Up, Example Gelman A,B
R4DS 3, 28
Bring Preliminary OLS Analysis
Presentations order decided
Mar 6 Spring Break      
Mar 13 Assumptions and How to think about them
Model Comparisons
Model Comparisons Gelman 22.1, Gelman 24 OLS Analysis Due
Initial Choice Assigned
Mar 20 Binary Data: Logistic Regression
Interpreting Logistic Regression
  Gelman 5  
Mar 27 Binary Data: Logistic Regression
Interpreting Logistic Regression
Logistic, Titanic Data Gelman 6,11,12 Initial Choice Due
Logit Analysis Assigned
Apr 3 Expanding your modeling toolkit:
Multinomial, Poisson, and Random Effects Models
Other Regressions, Survey, DC Schools Gelman 9,10  
Apr 10 Statistical Theories of Causation
Modeling and Measuring Causal Effects
Causes of Effects, Strong Inference TBD Logit Analysis Due
Apr 17 Structural Equation Models      
Apr 24 Bayesian Statistics
Natural Language Processing
May 1 Finals Week   Zombies,Dead Salmon Final Paper Due